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Climbing on rocks since 1974 - Climbing online since 2004


Rock Climbing and Bouldering news, articles, online guides and product reviews here at climbonline.co.uk since 2004. We provide detailed and up to date information to best rock climbing on the North York Moors and surrounding areas. Included are descriptions and of the popular and accessible sandstone and limestone edges of the North York Moors as well as some of the more remote Gritstone edges of the East Pennines. The climbing in Swaledale has never been considered mainstream even by the locals and only a selection has been included here. Within the urban areas around Tyne Tees is a collection of small outcrops and quarries that provide a useful resource for short days and summer evenings. The extensive coastline offers little climbing with the exception of some steep bouldering on The Coast at South Shields and inland at Cleadon and some very steep routes further the south at Filey Brigg. The area is north of the Yorkshire Dales (covered by the YMC) and south of Northumberland (NMC) whilst the area west of the Pennine watershed will be included in the future FRCC guide to the Eastern Fells.


Despite a reputation for sandy friable rock the unique towers at Bridestones above the Dalby Forest deserve more attention. Howns Gill and Causey Quarry are two crags that have a tradition of top roping because of the nature of the rock but many routes are led at both venues. Climbing at the prominent Whitestone Cliff is a unique experience but it is not a venue for novices. The limestone outcrops in Swaledale demand a respectful approach, take care if you climb here, the routes may be overgrown or could even have fallen down. Winter Climbing. In a hard winter there can be opportunities for snow and ice climbing.


New routes are added regularly and access information is constantly changing so please remember to check our recent website updates.


Rock climbing can be dangerous so please take good care of yourself.

Most of the activities depicted herein carry a significant risk of personal injury or death. Rock climbing, ice climbing and all other outdoor activities are inherently dangerous. We do not recommend that anyone participate in these activities unless they are experts, seek qualified professional instruction and/or guidance, are knowledgeable about the risks involved, and are willing to personally assume all responsibility associated with those risks.