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Y&Y Belay Glasses


Y&Y Belay Glasses

Review by Karin Magog

Belaying can be a right pain in the neck for keen sport climbers who can spend long periods attentively looking upwards. Over time this can lead to discomfort in the neck and some severe cases can lead to cervical spondylosis which is the Ďwear and tearí that can affect bones and tissues in the neck.


Iíve been using the new belay glasses by Y&Y (www.yy-belayglasses.co.uk) out at the crag and down at the climbing wall and I am very impressed. They are comfortable to use and fit well and do feel more robust that other similar products on the market. The prism lenses give a very sharp, slightly magnified view of the climber and it is a welcome relief not to have to tilt your head back when belaying. For those not familiar with belay glasses they may take a couple of routes to get used to, as you canít actually see the belay plate and rope immediately in front of you or the first few feet of the climb. It is worth sliding them down your nose or propping up on you head until the climber gets a few metres up the route and then using them from there. They really come into their own on long routes and are particularly useful when the climber is working a sports route or top-roping either at the wall or the crag.

The glasses come with a neat little kit, which also includes alternative nose fittings, although I found the original ones very comfortable. They also come with a reasonable case, making them easy to put away and fairly secure in the lid of your sack. The case has a handy little karabiner which Iíve found useful for clipping to my harness for carrying along the crag or to the back of my sack in-between routes. However making this a hard case would be even better still.

Y&Y glasses are made by a French company and at the moment only come with printed French instructions. However, the next batch into the UK will also include an English version but in the meanwhile these can be viewed on their UK website at www.yy-belayglasses.co.uk

The glasses can be bought direct online but are also available from several climbing walls in the UK (list on their website) where you should be able to try the glasses first before buying.

All in all a great product and at £49.99 a very reasonable price too. I highly recommend them. Other comments can be found here.

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