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The Trough

Details of this crag was previously recorded in North of England Rock Climbs by Stewart Wilson.


OS Landranger Sheet:92

Map Reference:  966120

Aspect:  East and West Facing

Altitude:  330m                  

Approach: 15 minutes



The first routes were recorded by Paul Carling and Roy Small. Karl Lunt added Alison and Windfall in 1994.



Situation and Character

The gorge can be seen from the A66 a few miles west of Bowes and the Pennine Way passes opposite the crag. The Troughs is a limestone gorge and a SSSI so the routes were climbed on sight without cleaning and they've had a bit of time to revert back to nature by now!  Actually they were fairly clean to start with.



Access and Approaches

The crag is most easily approached from the south. Park in a lay by near a cattle grid.



The Climbs


East Bank

The first climb was recorded to be 90m upstream of a dead pine. Unfortunately the pine may not be there anymore!


1. Maltandet   10m   HVS 5a

Start to the left of the prominent corner of Small Beer at a crack below the overhang. Climb the crack to the overhang, move left and tackle the wall above.

Paul Carling and Roy Small


2. Small Beer   10m   HS 4b

Climb the prominent corner.

Paul Carling and Roy Small


3. Near Beer   10m   E1 5b     

Climb the centre of the wall right of Small Beer.

Paul Carling and Roy Small



West Bank


4. Alison     12m   E2 5c   **

Start by a large block.  Climb to the second break (small sapling) then traverse right to a good ledge below the overhang.  Pass this on the left climbing the wall direct to a hanging tree belay.  Abseil descent. 

Karl Lunt, Alison Sharman  29th August 1994


5. Windfall     11m   HS  4b   *

The corner left of Mother Night.  Move right near the top passing a small tree to belay above that climb. 

Karl Lunt, Alison Sharman  29th August 1994


6. Mother Night   10m   E1 5c

Climb the arÍte left of Crystal Voyage.

Paul Carling and Roy Small


7. The Crystal Voyage   10m   HVS 5b

Start at the right end of the crag, (directly above the dead pine). Climb the wall to a recess near the top.

Paul Carling and Roy Small



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