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Sport Climbing +


Sport CLIMBING + (Second Edition)

by Adrian Berry and Steve McClure

Published June 2011 by Rockfax

Reviewed by Steve Crowe


Sport CLIMBING + by Adrian Berry and Steve McClure was first published by Rockfax in 2006 and has become acknowledged as essential reading for all sport climbers. It covers every aspect of sport climbing from gear and ropework to tactics and training methods. The belaying section has been updated to show the newest belay devices and discusses in detail how to use a Grigri safely. Both onsighting and redpointing approaches are discussed in detail from warming up and preparation through to resting and refueling! How to improve technique and mental toughness as well as good diet and skin care are all covered. Multipitch sport climbing has its own chapter too. New in this edition is a detailed discussion of the advantages of using a Personal Anchor System (PAS) for the speedy setting up of stances. Sport CLIMBING + is packed with inspirational action pictures and many updated instructional photographs. It also details a good selection of sport climbing destinations in England and beyond. Absolutely nothing is missed out. If you have not already got a copy now is the time to buy this updated second edition.   


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Reviewed by Karin Magog

This is an excellent book which contains all the essential information you need for this aspect of the sport.  It is divided into twelve sections which cover starting out, gear, ropework, tactics, multi-pitching, onsighting, redpointing, the mind, technique, training, self-care and destinations.  Each section is illustrated with plenty of easy to follow diagrams and sketches, breaking the information down into manageable chunks.  The book also contains some stunning photographs with climbers operating at all grades, with many of the photos used well to illustrate a particular technique or situation. For a sports climbing novice this book is invaluable, but even experienced sports climbers will find some useful information amongst its pages.  The starting out section includes photos and sketches on tying in and that all important threading a lower-off to get back down.  In the gear section the art of belaying with a gri-gri is discussed, again with clear photos, and is something that many experienced climbers would find useful.  The next section on ropework contains tips that many climbers could benefit from including how to clip, better belaying and stripping a route.  The importance of warming up is one of the many useful tactics discussed before the book moves on to describe multi-pitching, on-sighting and red-pointing in more detail.  The three sections on technique, the mind and training will help hone your skills and give you the confidence to push your grade.  The training section in particular does a good job on explaining the various physical aspects of climbing such as strength, recruitment and the various types of endurance.  Each explanation is accompanied by some good suggestions on how each can be improved.  The short section on self-care includes some basic info on skin care, injuries and diet, all of which help ensure every subject has been covered and add to the completeness of this publication.  The final section on destinations gives some suggestions on what the UK and the rest of the world has to offer the sports climber and includes some useful website addresses. All in all this is an extremely appealing and useful book and should be on the wish list of any sports climber hoping to improve their grade, no matter how experienced.

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