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Review by Karin Magog 24 September 2014

New to the climbing world Powerfingers are an antagonistic tool which can help prevent elbow tendonitis as well as strengthening fingers. They are already used regularly by musicians such as guitarists to help develop greater strength, speed and dexterity in both the fingers and the hand.

Powerfingers are basically an elasticated ring with holes for your fingers and thumb. They come in 5 levels of resistance in a handy storage box. Endorsed by both top climber Gaz Parry and climbing coach Belinda Fuller you can see them in action at www.thepowerfingers.com

After being forced to take a month off this summer due to both elbow tendonitis (golfer’s elbow) and a couple of finger injuries I was keen to get my hands on these and check them out. I was already doing wrist extensor work with a light dumbbell which was helping but I started to supplement this with some powerfingers work. Initially I started on the lightest resistance, just doing a couple of sets of 20-30 reps a couple of times a day. It certainly seemed to help and now I am back climbing again. I am still using the powerfingers both before and after climbing, for warming up and antagonistic purposes. They are so handy to carry around in your pocket or rucksack that there’s no excuse for not using them. As well as helping my elbow they have also improved the stiffness in my finger joints.

With a retail price on their website of $24.99, this may seem a bit steep for what they are. However, given the cost of a trip to a physiotherapist and the frustration of taking time out from climbing they may well be worth considering, especially if you are prone to finger and elbow niggles.

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