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Petzl GriGri


The Petzl GriGri 2 assisted-locking device.

Reviewed by Steve Crowe


GRIGRI 2, the new Petzl belay device with assisted braking.

Petzl have recently redesigned their popular belay device the Grigri to accommodate the wide range of modern ropes, from super skinny ropes 8.9mm up sturdy 11mm wall ropes. I borrowed a Grigri2 from Rockworks Shop at the Newcastle Climbing Centre and took it on a six week road test.
There have been many changes made to the Grigri2; it is 25% smaller and 20% lighter weighing in at a mere 185g. However the actual cam is slightly larger which means that it is less likely to lock up when paying the rope out when leading and it is significantly smoother when lowering off. However the release handle is slightly smaller and takes a little getting used to at first. Lowering off is slightly slower than with the original but this is probably another safety feature.

The new cam design includes a smaller groove which means that it can grab skinnier ropes much better and without the slippage that was a problem when using the original Grigri with modern lightweight 9mm single ropes.


Feedback that I received from climbers that have had the opportunity to use the new Grigri2 say that it feels much easier to payout rope and yet would lock better in the event of a leader fall.






The new device is billed as an assisted locking device not an auto lock in an attempt to reduce the amount of misuse the Grigri has suffered in the past. It is worth remembering that the belayer is always required to keep a hand on the dead end rope when belaying with ANY device and the new Grigri2 is no different!  The new Grigri should be available during the spring 2011.



In summary the new Grigri2 works just like the original Grigri but with added benefits; is much smaller to handle, lighter to carry and significantly safer. I would suggest that if you regularly lead with modern 9mm sport ropes or have had your original Grigri in constant use for almost 20 years then it may be time to consider upgrading to the new Grigri2.



Want to get a glimpse of it in action?  Check out the Petzl website.






Read another excellent and detailed review of the Grigri2 by Justin Lawson:


Reviewed by Steve Crowe 10th January 2011


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