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Bouldering at Slacks Wood and Apple Tree Rocks. These recently developed boulders at Slacks Wood are located on the hillside south of Roseberry Topping just west of Little Roseberry. The venue holds some good problems with some rough hard sandstone to the north and a more iron rich sandstone to the south. It would seem that climbing or abseiling may have taken place some years ago as there is a metal stake on the top of The Fort Block, however nothing was recorded until 2014 when Lee Robinson and James Rennardson made an evening visit during late summer and climbed most of the problems. The best way to reach the boulders is by using the same parking as for Captain Coook's Crag at Gribdale car park south of Great Ayton. From there, take the steep path heading north following the edge of the moor on The Cleveland Way for about 15 minutes. The southern area is in a large ravine at a sharp left bend in the path. The northern area is a recommended starting point and is best approached following the top path for a further 5 minutes until a gate is reached at the viewpoint. Go through the gate where the first boulders are back along the hillside to the south. Can also be approached from Hutton Village in Guisborough and following forest tracks which takes about 30 minutes. More details of the climbing can be found here: Slacks Wood. Another new venue, Apple Tree Rocks are an expansive collection of boulders strewn across the edge of Bilsdale East Moor in Tripsdale. The rock is good quality sandstone and features strong lines with some great features. The rock stays clean with good landings throughout and the whole venue is easily accessible with a small path which runs along the top. More new development has been recently reported at Water Crag in Swaledale. Water Crag is a north west facing series of large boulders located high on Arkengarthdale Moor above Swaledale. The rock is good quality Gritstone and similar to that of Healaugh further south.

Teenage Dirtbag 6b+ Slacks Wood © Steven Phelps

Martin Parker on Recovery 6c  at Apple Tree Rocks © Steven Phelps





Franco Cookson climbs the longstanding unclimbed arÍte at Sandy Crag in Northumberland. Nothing Lasts is a serious undertaking. Franco suffered a groundfall from high on the arÍte during his previous attempt. "To climb this line you have to not only accept that your existence is finite, but want to celebrate that fact. It is the embodiment of that which is most eternal, whilst offering us the most fleeting of moments on this earth. It is out of the blankest of rocks that the holiest realities form." Franco has described his journey on his personal blog: http://francocookson.blogspot.co.uk/  Reported 24 April 2017  




New Climbs on the North York Moors. Simon Whelan has climbed New Noise 7C at Highcliffe Nab. Meanwhile Steven Phelps has developed a quarry fully of easy(ish) problems at a new venue called Lonsdale Quarry.

Highcliffe Nab Project from Simon Whelan on Vimeo.







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