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Lost and Found


Climbonline to report items lost or found contact The Editor.


Roseberry Topping

Sunday 20th May 2016
Lorus watch has been found whilst descending the grassy slope at Roseberry Topping.



Tuesday 27th March 2012
Wedding ring lost, probably by No.4 Buttress Romulus and Remus. Great sentimental value, hence 50 reward for its return.
Anyone finding this wedding ring please email The Editor.


Saturday 24th March 2012

Found a green and black rope at Almscliffe carpark on Saturday 24/3/12. "It was there when I arrived at 4pm, and still there when I left at 6pm so I have taken it down the hill to Huby for safekeeping." Anyone missing this rope please email The Editor.


Back Bowden Doors

Sat 5th February 2012

Wedding Ring lost somewhere at Back Bowden parking area or crag on Sunday 5th February. Anyone finding this wedding ring please email The Editor.



June 2010

Two instructor, outdoor centre type harnesses. "I found them underneath a boulder below Bently's Buttress on the north side. " Ryan Plews Please email The Editor. with specific details.


Bowden Doors

Sat 11th July 2009

Car parcel shelf found at the parking area. Please email The Editor. with specific details



23 June 2009

Red and blue Berghaus Goretex jacket found at Simonside on 23 June 2009 at the base in Innominate Crack. Please email The Editor. with specific details of the jacket.


Twistleton Scars

Thursday 5 June 2009
Left a camera on the farm field car park (I think)Thursday 5 June...Fuji E550
If you have found the above please contact me and I'll arrange to collect or refund postage.
Was working with a Primary School group that day and would like the photos to share with the kids.
Anyone finding this camera please email The Editor.

Bowden Doors

April 2009

Cliff Lowther (MIA) was running a Roxcool course up at Bowden Doors and found one Boreal climbing shoe at the entrance into the field. Please contact him on 0776 5927633 to arrange for its return. 


Ratho Adventure Centre

24th August 2008

Maria Luisa Joannas has lost a digital camera Sony Foto dscw808 Sunday 24th August 2008 at Ratho Adventure Centre. "The camera had some photos on it that were important for me. It was probably somewhere under the mattress section buldering." Anyone finding this camera please email The Editor.

Saddle Head, Pembrokeshire

August 2008

Theresa Booth has found some Rock Boots and a pair of shorts found at Saddle Head, Pembrokeshire, weekend of 2-3 August. Please email The Editor. with specific details of items.


Scratchmere Scar

2 March 2008

Rod Shephard has lost his titanium wedding ring between the car park and the crag. Anyone finding this ring please email The Editor.



September 2007

Tom Proud has found a pair of new climbing shoes at the foot of Vibram Wall at Simonside, describe for return.


Camera Lost at Armathwaite Crag.

Friday 4th May

"A student from one of our groups lost/left a digital camera at Armathwaite Crag. The camera is not expensive but it had some photos on it that were important for their coursework. It was probably somewhere near the base of Flasherman. Thanks, Alistair Myers, Ridley Hall Activity Centre."


Great Wanney

18th April 2007

"I lost my specs at Great Wanney last week... they were really expensive because I have a weird prescription... 20 cash reward if I get them back..."
Simon Moorhouse


Bowden Doors

August 2006

I was up the county at the weekend and had a fantastic time. Unfortunately I had to leave in a bit of a rush after a phone call and think I may have left my guidebook under the sorcerer at Back Bowden. Andi Turner, Leek, Staffs


Peak Scar

Tuesday 9th May 2006
Found - Guidebook by Simon Caldwell


Sunny Brow Boulders

Sunday March 19th 2006
Found - Pertex jacket by Alan Dougherty

Describe and claim!


Bowden Doors

Satuday 12th November 2005

A bouldering pad was found in the field below Bowden Doors. We will happily return it if the owner can describe it (make/type) and can arrange to collect it from Newcastle.


21st June 2005 daytime

A range of gear was lost at foot of Rusty/ Rugosity walls, . 

Great Wanney

26th May 2005

Simon Litchfield found a Northumberland Guide book with owners name in the front. Will be happy to return it if the people get in contact giving their name.


Wednesday 22nd December

Dave Stainthorpe found a pair of small 5.10 velcro slippers which were left close to the Keel at Almscliffe probably Monday/ Sunday.


Bowden Doors

Monday 13th December

A pair of Scarpa rock shoes have been found at Bowden Doors on Monday 13th December.


Sunday 19th September

Found one Lowe Alpine ..triple point ceramic jacket. Left at Bowden on Sunday 19th September.



To report items lost or found contact The Editor.