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Lonsdale Quarry


Lonsdale Quarry Steven Phelps


Grid Reference: NZ599116
Aspect: West
Altitude: 260m
Approach: 10 minutes


All the climbs described here were developed by Steven Phelps during 2016.

Situation and Character
A small quarry located on Great Ayton Moor. It holds a west facing wall with a limited number of easy problems up to four and a half metres high. The rock is a mixture of soft and hard sandstone which has a high iron content. Some finishes may involve pulling on grass.

Access and Approaches
Take the Lonsdale Plantation road (Percy Cross Rigg) at the crossroads located between Commondale and Kildale. Follow this south for just under 2 miles and park on either side of the road at the large wooden gate. Go through the gate to take the path going westwards.

The quarry is visible across the valley on your left but a 10 minute walk around the valley is needed to reach it. An alternative is to use the parking as for Captain Cook's at Gribdale car park and walking northwards across the moor. Access comes under the CRoW act.

1. Fire Pit   2
The left edge of the quarry past an obvious ledge near the top.
Steven Phelps 26/09/2016

2. Camped Out   3
Start in front of the boulder. Climb past the niche and short crack.
Steven Phelps 26/09/2016

3. Lonsdale Eliminate   3+
The line just right of the niche on obvious rails.
Steven Phelps 26/09/2016

4. Night Moves   3   *
From sitting, climb direct from a good ledge and finish past good holds.
Steven Phelps 26/09/2016

5. Time Lapse   4+
From sitting, climb direct from the thinner part of the ledge.
Steven Phelps 26/09/2016

6. Sahara   6a+   *
Start sitting about 1m left of the crack. Climb the wall just left of the crack on crimps.
Steven Phelps 26/09/2016

7. Lonsdale Crack   5
The short crack from a sit start. Involves some good jamming.
Steven Phelps 26/09/2016

8. Right Wall   4+
Start higher up and climb the short wall on obvious edges.
Steven Phelps 26/09/2016

9. Lonsdale Traverse   5+   *
Start at Fire Pit. Gain the mid height rail and traverse rightwards across the wall to finish using the crack.
Steven Phelps 26/09/2016