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Kit List


Arriving at Pabbay

Photo (C) Steve Crowe


This is a suggested kit list for a climbing trip to the Outer Isles. Worth noting that all gear usually needs to be carried onto CalMac ferry at Oban in one go (ie. Sack on front and back, bag in each hand) so donít bring too much. Also it may be quite a walk from anchoring point to campsite on Mingulay. We generally wear the same clothes for most of the week, taking one warm set as it can be very cold, one set for hot weather and one set for rest days/travelling home in.


Some essentials include:-

Strong tent (quasar or similar) and extra strong pegs (can be windy).

Big plastic bivvi bag for stashing gear near the crags. (we usually leave gear top of col as it saves carrying it up and down the hill every day).

Gore-tex boots/shoes (very useful as ground can be very wet) alternatively waterproof socks (sealskinz is one make)

100m static abseil rope (ideally one abseil rope per climbing pair then they can be left at the top of various crags for the trip)

Lots of substantial rope protectors (essential or the abseil rope will not last the trip!)

A double set of cams can prove useful for some crags (eg Pink Wall)

Tupperware boxes useful for stashing food in stream (eg. Cheese)

A short length of hose pipe can be a life saver if the stream is low.

Lots of big black bags for taking all rubbish back to Barra.

One garden spade to dig a toilet pit for the team.

Take plenty food (and alcohol) there are no shops!

Two way radios can be useful if you have them.

A head torch not usually needed as it only goes dark for two hours!

Eye Shades and Ear Plugs can be helpful for light sleepers.


Camping and Cooking Climbing Gear Clothes Other essentials
Mountain Tent and extra pegs 100m abseil ropes (take a few) Gore-tex boots/shoes Toiletries
Ground Sheet Climbing ropes Shoes for campsite Towel
Sleeping Bag Big Hexes useful for rigging abseil Climbing Trousers Suncream (wind cream)
Sleeping Mat/Thermarest Quickdraws (take plenty spare for rigging) Campsite Trousers First Aid Kit
Cooking stove and plenty fuel Shunt/ascender/prussik loops Shorts (It may be hot and sunny) Binoculars
Lighters and matches Climbing hardwear/rack Thermal Tops & Bottoms Radios
Pans A double set of cams Tee Shirts Guidebooks topos etc
Plates, bowls etc Lots of Slings and screwgates Sweaters Books to read
Cultlery Rope protectors Underwear Sudoko/puzzles
Plastic/Tuperware boxes ATC/belay device Warm socks (take plenty) Cards/Scrabble/Chess (It may rain a lot)
Washing up Liquid Heavy duty plastic bags for stashing gear Hats (take two) MP3 player & headphones
Scourer and cloths Comfortable Harness Down Jacket Camera
Tea Towel Chalk bags and spare chalk Waterproof Jacket and Trousers Eye Shades and Ear Plugs
Bin Bags rock shoes (2 pairs) Crag Jacket (to climb in) Insect repellent
Water Carrier   Gloves (two pairs) Midge net
Chairs     Tick remover
Toilet Paper & Trowel (or spade)      
Usual camping food (plenty of treats)      
Lots of crag snacks, nuts etc      
Short length of hose pipe