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Fingerboarding  Steve Crowe

There is a lot of information regarding Fingerboarding and Deadhanging on the internet. Be sure to carefully read the very latest and most up to date information because this is an area of training that can quickly lead to injury.


Beastmaker Dan Varian and Ned Feehally produced the popular Beastmaker fingerboard 2000 for keen climbers. It was developed with input from many of the best climbers in the UK. They also developed the 1000 hangboard for those a bit newer to climbing. They have published detailed Training Regimes here.  There is also a smartphone app available for the Beastmaker.


The Climbing Works have produced a great Beastmaker Fingerboard Training Plan with Ned Feehally which clearly explains how to use the Beastmaker 1000 & 2000.


Crusher Holds also supply finger boards and have lots of useful information on their website.


Eva Lopez has carried out very detailed studies into training methods for using fingerboards. Following on from her research Eva went on to produce The Transgression and The Progression Fingerboards


Metolius have produced an interesting Training Guide to support their latest Simulator Training Board.


UKbouldering There is an interesting fingerboarding discussion here.


Other fingerboards are also available!