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DMM Pivot




The Award winning DMM Pivot - Guide Mode belay Device

When I started rock climbing in 1974 I didnít own a belay plate. I owned some decent leather gloves and belayed with the rope around my back. In those days the leader did not fall off! Following an incident when my second needed lowering back to the ground I treated myself to a trip to the climbing shop. My first belay plate was a Sticht plate. I have owned many versions of a metal plate with a hole in it over the years. The latest of these designs include the DMM Mantis.


In recent years manufacturers have adapted belay plates to make them especially suitable in a variety of guiding and mountaineering situations. The DMM Pivot is a modern, lightweight guide mode device based on the DMM Mantis which features an innovative pivot system that allows even more control when lowering a climber in guide/direct mode.

The DMM Pivot comes with detailed instructions, please read them! This multi -use device works best with the DMM Rhino screwgate carabiner. It performed smoothly in a variety of situations but it is essential that the instructions are understood and followed. There is a good video of the DMM Pivot in action on vimeo.com and another on YouTube. If you donít need the guide/direct mode options then I would recommend that you consider the simple and elegant DMM Mantis instead.

Finally, I also found that I could fold the hinge neatly against the body of the device when I used the DMM Pivot as a standard belay device. So to sum up I found the DMM Pivot to be an versatile, responsive, lightweight multi-use belay device, however I still belay wearing decent gloves!







DMMís state-of-the-art belay device, the Pivot, has won an Industry Award at Outdoor Friedrichshafen. The Pivot can now proudly bear the OutDoor Industry Award 2015.