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Crag Willas



HEALAUGH CRAG (aka Crag Willas)

OS Sheet: 92

Map Reference: NY974013

Aspect: South West Facing

Altitude: 530m

Approach Time: 20 minutes


Situation and Character

Perhaps the most remote of all the venues covered in the guide but well worth a visit, this collection of small buttresses and large boulders is situated in a quiet part of the East Pennines at an altitude of over 500 metres.  The rock is excellent quality gritstone which has a classic rounded nature and many blind cracks.  This gives rise to "smear" problems on both delicate slabs and steep walls. The situation is a suntrap in good weather and a superb quiet setting.  A good place to get away from the crowds!  It is comfortable to climb here from late spring to early autumn.  From a bouldering/soloing viewpoint the landings are not always good.  Although most of the routes here have been soloed the use of a rope can sometimes be prudent.



Crag Willas is now known as Healheugh. It is located in the Swaledale section. Full details of Healheugh can be found here.



Steve Crowe bouldering at Healheugh.                                           Photo: Karin Magog



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