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Recent updates and additions include:



6 May 2017

Updated the Healheugh Mini Guide (PDF)


25 June 2016

Updated: Steven Phelps has written up details of a new limestone development at Catter Beck Quarry.


13 June 2016

Updated Roca Verde review.


09 January 2016

Added a new article. Andy Earl - On Top of the World


24 December 2015

Steven Phelps records details of a new bouldering buttress at East Banks.


15 December 2015

Added a new article. Energia Positiva by Dave Stainthorpe is about redpointing at your limit at Bruixes, Terradets


24 July 2015

Added a page for reporting new routes.


16 July 2015

Reviewed Eastern Grit by Rockfax


13 July 2015

Reviewed Lake District Rock by the FRCC


7 May2015

Updated the South Barra Isles. There is great climbing on Sandray, Lingeigh, Pabbay, Mingulay and Berneray.


28 April 2015

The Kelton Hill Crag section has been updated and a video added.


27 April 2015

The Hudeshope section (Monk's Moor & Low Carrs) has been updated and a new Hudeshope MiniGuide added.


31 March 2015

Make or Break review added.


24 March 2015

Rock Climbing in Ireland review added.


04 February 2015

Northern Limestone Review added.

A new page About Us has been added with more background about our popular climbing website.


02 February 2015

Home page updated.


31 January 2015

Removed all reference to The Apprentice.


27 January 2015

New approach to Esklets description agreed with the Landowner and the BMC.


21 January 2015

Filey Brigg link to Filey Mini Guide(PDF) added

Smugglers Terrace new write up with thanks to Dave Warburton.


5 January 2015

Fell End Boulders, Arkengarthdale updated.


22 December 2014

New page added following The Apprentice on the BBC on 21st December 2014.


6 August 2014

Holwick Scar and the Holwick Scar PDF updated.

Peak Scar, updated.

Whitestone Cliffe updated.


23 May 2014

Little Blakey added.


22 May 2014

Shaw Crag added.


29 March 2014

Causey Quarry Mini Guide (PDF) updated.


11 October 2013

Stoupe Brow new route added and miniguide (PDF) updated.


9 October 2013

Esklets updated.

Ingleby Incline added photos of Paul Ingham on the first ascent of Time Captain

Peak Scar added photos of John Readhead on the first ascent of BBC.

Raven's Scar made some minor changes and updated the miniguide.

Kepwick, made some corrections and updated the miniguide.

Stoupe Brow updated.


7 October 2013

New Crags added:

Kettle Howe

Hillhouse Nab


New routes added to:

Stoupe Brow new route added.

Kepwick, made some changes and updated the miniguide Kepwick Mini Guide (PDF)

Tranmire, added some routes and added the miniguide Tranmire Mini Guide (PDF)


4 October 2013

New routes added to:

Danby Crag, made some changes and updated the miniguide Danby Mini Guide (PDF)

Ingleby Incline, made some minor changes and updated the miniguide Ingleby Incline (Greenhow Bank) Mini Guide (PDF)

Peak Scar, made some changes and updated the miniguide Peak Scar Mini Guide (PDF)

Wainstones, made some minor changes and updated the miniguide Wainstones Mini Guide (PDF)


24 May 2013

The Training Tips section has been updated to include the links to Eva Lopez coaching blog and the UKB wiki.


20 May 2013

Cold Moor PDF updated.

Peak Scar made some minor changes and updated the miniguide (PDF).

Round Crag new routes added and PDF updated.

Turkey Nab made some minor changes and added miniguide (PDF).


19 May 2013

Stoupe Brow updated and new Stoupe Brow Mini Guide (PDF) added.

Ingleby Incline (Greenhow Bank) Mini Guide (PDF) updated.

Minor changes at Thorgill Crag.


08 May 2013

Peak Scar minor changes also Peak Scar Mini Guide (PDF) updated.


29 April 2013

Ravenswick Quarry  updated with minor changes also updated the attached Ravenswick Quarry (PDF) .


7 March 2013

Cleadon Hills Miniguide (PDF)  added.


1 November 2012

Ingleby Incline, crag updated.


30 October 2012

Peak Scar new routes added.


29 October 2012

Cold Moor, crag updated.

Landslip, crag updated.

Otterhill Bastion, new crag added.

Park Nab, crag updated.

Round Crag, crag updated.

Smuggler's Terrace, new crag added.

Stoupe Brow, crag updated.

Thorgill Crag, crag updated.



28 October 2012

Duck Crag. New crag added.  

Esklets. New route added.

Esklets Mini Guide (PDF) updated

Oak Crag. New route added.

Thorgill Crag. New route added.

Thimbleby Crag. New crag added.

Carlton Bank updated.

Carlton Bank Mini Guide (PDF) added.


25 October 2012

Barkers Crag Mini Guide (PDF) updated.


25 July 2012

Roseberry Topping updated.


20 July 2012

Brown Hill Quarry. New crag added.


12 July 2012

Peak Scar minor changes.

Round Crag updated and new routes and Round Crag Mini Guide (PDF) added.


2 July 2012

Healheugh updated.


12 April 2012

Roseberry Topping updated.


11 April 2012

Roulston Scar updated.


5 April 2012

Barkers Crag Mini Guide (PDF)  link updated.


2 March 2012

Wainstones added some photos.


27 February 2012

Park Nab Mini Guide (PDF)


26 February 2012

Wainstones Mini Guide (PDF)


25 February 2012

Beacon Scar Mini Guide (PDF) updated.

Cold Moor Mini Guide (PDF) updated.

Danby Mini Guide (PDF)  updated.


23 February 2012

Camp Hill Mini Guide (PDF) text and diagrams updated.


22 February 2012

Cringle Crag Mini Guide (PDF)
Peak Scar Mini Guide (PDF) some minor changes.

Scots Crags Mini Guide (PDF) updated

Stoney Wicks Mini Guide (PDF) updated


14 February 2012

Capt Cook's Area Mini Guide (PDF) updated

Whitestone Cliffe Mini Guide (PDF) updated


13 February 2012

Highcliff Nab Mini Guide (PDF) updated

Broughton Bank Mini Guide (PDF) updated

Ingleby Incline (Greenhow Bank) Mimi Guide (PDF) updated

Oak Crag Mini Guide (PDF) updated

Peak Scar Mini Guide (PDF) updated

Raven's Scar Mini Guide (PDF) updated

Thorgill Crag Mini Guide (PDF) updated


12 February 2012

Bridestones Mini Guide (PDF)

Cold Moor Mini Guide (PDF)

Danby Mini Guide (PDF)

Earthwork Rocks Mini Guide (PDF)

Esklets Mini Guide (PDF)



28 October 2011

Beacon Scar Mini Guide (PDF) updated.


02 October 2011

Camp Hill updated.


18th September 2011

Updated Cleadon Hills


13th September 2011

Updated Cold Moor.


12th September 2011

Updated Round Crag.


7th September 2011

Updated Fell End Boulders, Arkengarthdale.


26 August 2011

Middle Ridge Crag added.


18 August 2011

Carlton Bank updated.


05 August 2011

Camp Hill updated.


05 July 2011

Peak Scar Crag updated.


11 June 2011

Clemitts Crag added.


2 June 2011

Pallet Crag Mini Guide (Acrobat Reader Required).

Goldsborough Mini Guide (Acrobat Reader Required)


1 June 2011

Crag Hill Mini Guide added (Acrobat Reader Required).


2 May 2011

South Africa Article added to new Articles and Features section.


28 February 2011

Broughton Bank Mini Guide (PDF) Miniguide published with typos corrected (Acrobat Reader Required).


04 January 2011

Broughton Bank Mini Guide Miniguide published (Acrobat Reader Required).


03 January 2011

Beacon Scar Mini Guide (PDF) Miniguide published (Acrobat Reader Required).

Bridestones Mini Guide (PDF) Miniguide updated (Acrobat Reader Required).


14 October 2010

Peak Scar Crag updated.


14 October 2010

Raven's Scar. Crag updated.


09 October 2010

Whickham Boulder section updated. Whickham Boulder MiniGuide added.


08 October 2010

Summerhill Boulders Section updated. Summerhill MiniGuide added.


September 2010

Fairlop Waters Boulder Park section added also  Fairlop Waters Boulder Park Mini Guide.


17 July 2010

Raven's Scar updated. Raven's Scar MiniGuide added.


28 Dec 2009

Orgate Scar. Crag updated.


24 Dec 2009

Crag updated. White Stone Scugdale A small collection of boulders at the head of Scugdale.


4 Oct 2009

New crag added. Kelton Hill Crag


15 May 2009

New routes added at: Eston Nab, Inglby Incline, Lamb Hill, Turkey Nab.


30 September 2008

Updated Middle Hare Crag.


24 September 2008

Added Cold Moor Mini Guide


23 September 2008

Added Highcliff Nab PDF


22 September 2008

Added Ingleby Moor Boulders


3 September 2008

Updated Holwick Scar PDF


13 August 2008

Updated Kepier Woods and added Kepier Woods PDF.


8 March 2008

Updated Ellis Crag.


26 September 2007

Updated Blackhall Rocks, Cleadon and The Cove,


21 September 2007

Updated Crag Hill.


20 September 2007

New route added at Barkers Crags, Scugdale.


9th August 2007

New photo gallery added


8th August 2007

New climbs added a Healaugh (Crag Willas)


3rd August 2007

New climbs added at Tranmire and a new crag called Cambo Buttress.


18 July 2007

Updated Esklets.


13 June 2006

Updated Fell End Boulders, Arkengarthdale.


6 May 2006

Updated Hepburn.


4th May 2006

Updated Callaly


30 April 2006

Updated Back Bowden Doors.


20th March 2006

Added item to Lost and Found.


24th November 2005

Updated the complete NOS boulder PDF guide.


16th November 2005

Details about new boulder problems at Queens Crag added.

Details about South Shields climbing wall added.


1st November 2005

Dogs and Open Access Land Guidelines for taking your dog out onto Open Access Land added.


30th October 2005

Beacon Scar revised and updated.

Hepburn updated.

Houghton Graveyard updated.

Holwick Scar updated.


20th October 2005

Hudeshope added.


17th September 2005

Travel information about climbing in Sardinia added.


20th July 2005

Another buttress has been climbed on at Thorny Bank Quarry, Redmire; see PDF for more details.

Added info about Ireland

Callerhues Bouldering; A draft guide by Dan Varian


5th July 2005

A history of Dove Crag added.


4th July 2005

Updated Dove Crag pdf added.


25th June 2005

New route added to Howlerhirst.


13th June 2005

Link to Cliff-hangers Mobile Climbing Wall  added.


31st May 2005

Holwick Scar PDF added.


27th May 2005

Updated South Africa report.

Updated Lost and Found


25th May 2005

Added a link to The Mountain Weather Information Service on the weather page.

Added new problem to Goldsborough.


22nd May 2005

Added details of new problem at Callerhues.


6th April 2005

Updated various links to www.thenmc.org.uk


25th February 2005

Changed structure of pages and added Cresciano Photos here.


15th January 2005

Shaftoe, more photodiagrams added.


29th November 2004

Northumberland Bouldering Guide update PDF

An update of the Northumberland Bouldering Guide including V grades to classic problems.


22nd September 2004

Added High Houselop Quarry, a few miles south of Consett just off the A68.


18th June 2004

Item added to Lost and Found.


15th June 2004

Great Wanney updated


26th April 2004

Visit Northern Soul the North Wales Bouldering web site by Simon Panton.

Watch Steve Dunning repeating Elder Statesman in the rain!


22nd April 2004

Added traverse to Downholme Quarry.


1st April 2004

Added West Midlands Rock details


26th March 2004

Shaftoe, Areteland topo added.

Shaftoe, Turtle Rock  topo added.


22nd February 2004

Added video of Malcolm Smith climbing Dreamtime at Cresciano.


17th January 2004

Ravensdale near Robin Hoods bay has been updated.