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Cambo Buttress

The Buttress lies between Earthworks Rocks and Tranmire at NZ573016


It is the first buttress of a cluster of rocks, that starts at the beginning of the wall, that is reached after walking for about 5 minutes from Earthworks. The top of the rocks can be seen over the wall on the right hand side (from Earthworks) from the path that runs above both Earthworks and Tranmire.

The Rock is comparable to Earthworks and Cold Moor with a the problems being quite entertaining. The main wall reaches a height of 5m, with the routes becoming smaller to the right hand side, down to a height of 3m.


I imagine it would be reasonable to add them as an extension to Earthworks, cheers David Warburton


1. Left ArÍte 4c

Climbed mainly on its right side

Franco Cookson 2/8/07


2. Burn 5a

Climb the central rib to the right of the Left ArÍte.

Franco Cookson 2/8/07 Named due to the detrimental effects on the climbers hands.


3. Stolen! 5b

Climb the face just to the right of Burn, using the shallow horizontal crack.

David Warburton and Franco Cookson both Solo 2/8/07

Franco left the route to get the bouldering mat, but on returning found David topping out!


4. Hanging Wall 5a

Climbed without bridging on to the Green Wall behind.

David Warburton 2/8/07


5. Green Corner 4b

Better than on first inspections.

Franco Cookson 2/8/07


6. Green Wall 5a

Again better than on first inspections

David Warburton 2/8/07


7. Bulging Wall 5c

Small holds lead to insecure slopers to gain the top.

David Warburton 2/8/07


8. Right ArÍte 4c

Climbed on the left hand side.

Franco Cookson 2/8/07


Cambo Topo

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