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Bumper Book of Climbing Fun


The Bumper Book of Climbing Fun

Written by Dave Hume and Mike Blood


Reviewed by Karin Magog

The Bumper Fun Book of Climbing is an really entertaining mix of short stories, poems, problems pages and other bits and pieces all climbing related. There's even a photographic guide for aspirant bumblies, a year's training plan and a psychometric test to determine your climbing stereotype. I loved the new British Climbing Dictionary e.g. Areete: (Geordie Sl. ) climb when ready; Avoid: don't look down, and the Shortly Before The Incident quotes e.g.''Of course it'll pull down clear of that crack.'' The short stories were my favourite though and really made me laugh, they're a 'slightly' exaggerated version of a real-life climbing situation. My other favourites were The Rock Doctors problem pages which certainly provided some extremely useful advice for common climbing situations (what do you do with that second who is always leaving your gear behind in the crack? You'll have to buy the book to find out!) It's a great book for dipping in and out of or for taking away on holiday and had me sitting laughing away. The two authors have done a great job and I can't recommend it highly enough. You can buy The Bumper Fun Book of Climbing from www.cliperati.com or it is also available via Amazon Marketplace and from www.lulu.com , as an ebook on Amazon Kindle store, and now as an epub version to work on other non-Kindle readers from www.ivanovella.com/books. The basic price is 9.99 for paperback (+p&p), and the Kindle ebook is 3.44 (not the 3.99 on the poster). Reviewed by Karin Magog 10th January 2013


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