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About Us


“Tread softly because you tread on my dreams” William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)



The information on this website is based on Climbing in North East England which was published in 2003

The copyright for this guidebook is jointly held by the Cleveland Mountaineering Club and Steve Crowe.


The climbing is divided into four geographical areas: East Pennines, North Yorkshire Moors, Swaledale and Tyne & Wear. Within each area the crags area listed alphabetically. Every major crag has an associated digital download (PDF) which includes a map, which is in two parts, showing its general location and also how to approach the crag from the most convenient parking. These maps are intended to be used in conjunction with the relevant Ordnance Survey Landranger map indicated in the introduction to each crag.

The contents of the guide is believed to be correct at the time of publication, however the publishers cannot be held responsible for omissions or mistakes, nor liable for any personal or third party injuries or damage, howsoever caused, arising from its use. Climbing is a sport of calculated risk and this book is only a GUIDE. If in any doubt, back off. The British Mountaineering Council provides third party liability insurance for its members and members of affiliated clubs. More information about the BMC can be found at www.thebmc.co.uk.

Previous Guidebooks
Rock climbing has been recorded on the crags of the North York Moors since 1906 and there has been much development since then. The routes have been documented in various previous guides.

1956 Climbs in Cleveland Maurice Wilson
1961 Climbs on the North York Moors Maurice Wilson
1970 North York Moors Tony Marr
1980 North of England Stewart Wilson and Ron Kenyon
1985 Rock climbs on the North York Moors Peter Simcock
1992 North of England Rock Climbs Stewart Wilson
1994 North York Moors Supplement Tony Marr
1995 Climbing in North East England Steve Crowe, Bob Bennett and Mark Turner
2003 Climbing in North East England Steve Crowe, Bob Bennett and Mark Turner

New Routes
New routes can be recorded  by email to The Editor at this address


A huge thanks must go to Tony Marr and his team below for all there work on the North York Moors section and to Karin Magog who tolerated being dragged off to obscure corners of the northeast to visit every crag followed by long evenings checking and re checking texts.

Thanks also go out to the following;
Simon Caldwell
Franco Cookson
Dave Warburton
Michael and Luke Hunt
Kelvin Neal
Anthony Quinn
Nick Dixon
Ian Dunn

also to members of the Cleveland Mountaineering Club and everyone who has recorded their activities throughout the area. I am sure to have missed someone out but our thanks go out to you too. Peter Hodgkiss for all his help and advice with the publication of the previous two editions. One final big thank you to George Crawford Smith for his support of the first edition, which made this guide possible.

Further Acknowledgements

Tony Marr
Frank Fitzgerald
John Dale
Nick Dixon
Ian Dunn
Paul Ingham
Ken Jackson
Alan Linford – CMC archivist.
Oliver Milling
Joanna Newton
Peter Shawcross
Ernie Shield
Chris Shorter
Alan Taylor
Mike Tooke
Vic Tosh
Richard Waterton
Chris Woodall



To comment on any of the information on this website please email The Editor at this address