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A Canvas of Rock


A Canvas of Rock

by Mark Radtke

Available direct from here.

Reviewed by Steve Crowe

A Canvas of Rock by Mark Radtke is an engaging autobiography in which he describes his  personal experiences and friendships with some of the influential climbers from the 1970s to the present day. "The sheer amount of time spent living outdoors, touching rock and getting dirty with the elements has undoubtedly brought me closer to nature. I know that, I am a part of nature and not above it. Climbing has allowed me to explore my own fallibilities and shortcomings. Failure has occasionally resulted in one or two broken bones, but more often a bruised ego has been the more painful. It has provided the opportunity to satisfy creative urges as in my own minds eye I have painted new routes on canvases of rock." A Canvas of Rock is focused on the Yorkshire new routing scene but also explores Rad's trips to Europe, America and a year new routing in Australia. Read more about Rad and his autobiography here. It is a captivating read which has not avoided discussing and explaining the controversial "bolt wars"! Be careful when you pick it up that you have got plenty of free time because you will not be able to put it down! This is what John Sheard wrote in Climber Magazine "This is engaging writing which seamlessly moves between the humour of fun climbing and something altogether more serious. It extends from shared days spent on competitive bouldering to the personal intensity of hard traditional climbing in Gordale, where outcomes can be very different. A timely first book, it leaves me with the definite feeling that there is more to come from this author. I look forward to sharing his continuing adventure."  Reviewed by Steve Crowe 12th January 2013


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